Client Testimonials

On this page my clients share how Trauma Sensitive Yoga has impacted them and their recovery.

Please note all names have been changed to protect privacy.


"I was sexually abused as a child, and while years of therapy helped me cope with the trauma, nothing returned a sense of connection with my body. A psychologist suggested I try Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and recommended Rachel. 


From the start I received validation for my experiences and felt like this was what I had been missing for years. Each session with Rachel was enjoyable, safe, eye-opening and calming. Whenever I struggled, Rachel knew what to do and helped me process it. I learned the names and reasons for my reactions, which helped me accept myself. I was finally about to accept my body and connect with it; to appreciate my body and to stop hating and raging at it like I used to. Working with Rachel was one of the biggest gifts I gave to myself ever."


"I reacted to the war in May differently because of our work together, specifically how we practice making choices. 

Normally sirens would trigger me to completely freeze or panic. This time, even though I was still anxious, I was able to notice what was happening in my body and choose how I wanted to respond. It helped me feel like I had control, and to cope. I don't think that would have happened had choice-making not been such a huge part of our work together. Even my partner noticed and commented on the change in me!" 

Image by Ben White


"I never thought that a yoga instructor would be as supportive as any other therapist, and that you'd be such a pillar in my process. 


It felt so natural and like a holistic experience within my therapeutic process and journey."


"Wow, what an experience! 

I really hope Trauma Sensitive Yoga can become a thing in Israel - there is so much need for it. I'm really very impressed. I now understand why traditional yoga is so upsetting, and at times unbearable for me."


"This has been an amazing experience for me.

You really managed to create a space where I felt truly comfortable to "do what I feel like" and to explore what that might be. It's also been incredibly validating to learn about the ways in which trauma affects all people, to know that my experiences make sense and that my body and mind did what they had to do to get by. I'm so grateful to have found this new way to connect with my body."


"Rachel’s approach is very gentle and deeply comforting.

She displays a lot of patience and understanding for all the different emotions that can arise from the practice. She puts all her professional experience in helping others on their long and often difficult way to healing and she clearly does it from a place of love."